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Center for Teacher Education
Welcome to Center for Teacher Education
General coursework
Required courses in the Center’s secondary school teacher education program include fundamentals of educational methods, teaching materials and pedagogy, and internship. Elective courses are offered in areas such as psychology and counseling, teaching competence, education research, diversity education, professional competence for teachers, and self-improvement. Students enrolled in the secondary school teacher education program need to fulfill a requirement of 27 credits in education coursework before becoming eligible to participate in teaching internships.
Chinese-language teaching program
In response to the growing popularity of Chinese-language study worldwide, the Center offers a Chinese-language teaching program to train University students interested in becoming Chinese teachers. The program is divided into three major areas: Fundamentals of Education and Teaching, Topics in Teaching, and Teaching Practice, Teaching Materials and Pedagogy. Students who have completed seven courses in these three areas for at least 14 credits are eligible to apply for a Certificate of Completion of the Chinese-Language Teaching Program.
Self-development program
To facilitate greater integration between National Hsinchu University of Education (NHCUE) and National Tsing Hua University, encourage collaboration and mutual support between instructors in the educational field at both institutions, and promote resource sharing among students at both, NHCUE’s College of Education and the Center for Teacher Education have jointly organized the “Program for Human Potential Development,” which is open to enrollment by students from both schools. This series of courses provide guidance to students in understanding the nature of intelligence and aptitude, helping them choose an appropriate approach for improving in areas in which they are weak in order to develop into well-rounded individuals who can compete successfully in today’s society. Representative courses in this program include Human Intelligences and Potential, Life Stories and Growth, Interpersonal Communication & Emotion Management, Development of Musical Intelligence, Development of Kinesthetic Intelligence, and Development of Mathematical and Scientific Intelligence.